Child, Adolescent & Family Services

Parenting can be very stressful when a child or adolescent is experiencing academic, behavioral, or emotional difficulties. These difficulties can interfere with your child’­s overall functioning and wellbeing and may include:

  • Struggles with schoolwork
  • Problems getting along with peers
  • Defiance toward adults
  • Frequent tantrums & anger
  • Excessive shyness & fears
  • Poor self confidence

A psychological evaluation can help to clarify those factors that are contributing to your child’­s difficulties. This evaluation can identify conditions such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, pervasive developmental disorders and others. Following your child’­s evaluation, specific recommendations and resources will be provided.

If you are seeking treatment services for your child or adolescent, the first step is making an appointment for an initial consultation. Parental/family involvement in treatment is often crucial to success. Treatment will be individually tailored to meet your child’­s specific needs and may include:

  • Learning self-regulation
  • Improving problem solving skills
  • Increasing positive social skills
  • Coping more effectively with difficult emotions
  • Coping more effectively with uncomfortable situations (i.e., peer-related problems, divorce, etc.)